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AccuTerm Mobile

9 usd

AccuTerm Mobile provides industry leading terminal emulation for ADDS, Wyse & VT terminals, and offers integrated mobile features such as browser, email, and phone functionality for use with legacy applications. Users can take advantage of both SSH and telnet connectivity, allowing you to connect to any MultiValue, Linux, Unix or AIX host system on the go, including jBase, OpenQM, D3, UniVerse, and UniData Features:- Optimized for Multivalve Systems including jBase, OpenQM, D3, UniVerse, UniData, Linux, Unix, and AIX.- Integrated Browser, Email, and Phone functionality- Secure Shell and Telnet connections over WiFi, and Cellular Networks- Terminal emulation for ADDS, Wyse & VT terminals as well as, Linux Console, Viewpoint Enhanced, PC Pick PC Monitor, and Xterm- Dynamic Font Sizing to maximize use of limit screen area- Screen taps simulate mouse clicks for mouse-enabled appsComing Soon:* Visual styles for text-based applications* Overlay images on text screen* AccuTerm GUI Support